Touch – Automated Warming Dispenser for Body Oils

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Touch – Automated Warming Dispenser for Body Oils Description

TOUCH is an automated dispenser that warms your favorite liquid body oils and dispenses perfect portions with the wave of a hand.For irresistibly smooth skin, simply fill TOUCH with your favorite type of oil from avocado to refined coconut to sunflower, and more, let it heat for two minutes and with the wave of your hand, automatically deliver warm oil into the palm of your hand and apply after a bath or shower. Note: Oils that become solid when cool, cream products and gels, are not compatible with TOUCH.PATENTED TENDER TECHNOLOGY: Advanced warming technology lets you enjoy quick heating and delivers a pleasing temperature that is perceivably warmer than your body.ILLUMINATED INTERIOR: A soft, purple glow guides your hand for effortless, mess-free use in dim environments.3 UNIQUE DISPENSE SETTINGS: Enjoy all three or choose your favorite, easily switch between the different settingsINNOVATIVE, BREAK-BEAM SENSORS: Consistently provides easy, on-demand dispensing right into the palm of your hand. Simply reach in and enjoy!SPILL-PROOF TANK AND WEIGHTED BASE: TOUCH safely holds your favorite liquids during and between use without sticky or messy bottles.SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: TOUCH looks stunning on a bathroom counter and keeps the heat at your fingertips.TOUCH holds 4oz of your favorite liquid oil for the perfect, mess-free way for constant and consistent applications of body oils for soft, supple skin.TOUCH allows you to elevate your bath routine through the addition of heat. Now everyone can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of warm body oils at the touch of a button.

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