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The Dunbar Project

In 1912, Tucson school board officials voted to create the Dunbar School as a segregated school for African-American students. Until its integration in 1951, Dunbar provided a unique cultural and educational experience for those who were to become some of Tucson's most distinguished citizens.

Dunbar Coalition, Inc. was established in 1993 to obtain possession of the Dunbar/John Spring School complex from Tucson Unified School District in order to create an African-American museum at the Dunbar School site. The coalition consists of the Juneteenth Festival Planning Committee, the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Association, the Dunbar Alumni Association, and the Tucson Urban League. In 1995, the Dunbar Coalition purchased the historic Dunbar School ~ which includes a 2-acre site and 51,000 square feet of building -- for $25 from Tucson Unified School District.

The coalition then applied for and received a Community Development Block Grant from the City of Tucson to complete a Master Development Plan for the Dunbar Project. The plan was completed through a process that included the input of many members of the Dunbar/Spring neighborhood and the Tucson community.

The coalition's goal is to create an African-American Historical Museum and Cultural Center on this site, preserving the historic Dunbar School and Tucson's African-American history. The creation of the museum will increase opportunities for cultural expression while serving neighborhood youth, as well as the entire community.

The coalition kicked off a major Capital Fund Drive in the spring of 2002 to enable the Dunbar Project to take the next step in becoming the Dunbar Museum and Cultural Center. Phase II of the auditorium renovation is underway and should be completed in August 2002.

Join with us in our attempt to accurately portray the role of the Black cowboy, the Buffalo soldier and Black pioneers in the settlement of the Great Southwest.

Your financial support is needed. Contributions may be sent to:

The Dunbar Coalition
P.O. Box 86132
Tucson, Arizona 85754- 6132


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